Crematory Operators

This title represents an occupation for which data collection is currently underway.

Operate crematory equipment to reduce human or animal remains to bone fragments in accordance with state and local regulations. Duties may include preparing the body for cremation and performing general maintenance on crematory equipment. May use traditional flame-based cremation, calcination, or alkaline hydrolysis.

Occupation-Specific Information


  • Clean the crematorium, including tables, floors, and equipment.
  • Document divided remains to ensure parts are not misplaced.
  • Embalm, dress, or otherwise prepare the deceased for viewing.
  • Explain the cremation process to family or friends of the deceased.
  • Offer counsel and comfort to bereaved families or friends.
  • Pick up and handle human or pet remains in a respectful manner.
  • Place corpses into crematory machines to reduce remains to bone fragments using flame, heat, or alkaline hydrolysis.
  • Pulverize remaining bone fragments into smaller pieces, using specialized equipment, such as a cremulator or grinder.
  • Read documentation to confirm the identity of the deceased.
  • Remove jewelry, watches, or other personal items from the deceased prior to cremation.
  • Sweep or vacuum the cremation chamber to retrieve remains for storage in an urn or other container.
  • Transport the deceased to a funeral home or crematory using a van, hearse, or other vehicle.

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