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Tools & Technology for:
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Tools | Technology


Adjustable widemouth pliers
  • Multipurpose pliers
Binocular light compound microscopes
  • Inspection microscopes
Blow torch
  • Oxyacetylene torches
Bolt cutters
Cabling die
  • Cable forming fixtures
Calibrated resistance measuring equipment
  • Wheatstone bridges
  • Digital calipers
Circuit tester
  • Test lights
Claw hammer
  • Claw hammers
Cutting machines
  • Wire cutting machines
Diesel generators
  • Alternating current AC generators
Electrical coil winding machine
  • Coil spreading machines
  • Coil taping machines
  • Element winding machines
Gas welding or brazing or cutting apparatus
  • Brazing torches
Insulation resistance meters
  • Insulation resistance testers
  • Rawhide hammers
Manual press brake
  • Arbor presses
Metal inert gas welding machine
  • Fine wire welding machines
  • Digital micrometers
  • Digital ohmmeters
Paint systems ovens
  • Curing ovens
Personal computers
Printing guillotines
  • Power paper cutters
  • Wire stretchers
Punches or nail sets or drifts
  • Tube drifts
Rubber mallet
  • Rubber mallets
  • Straight screwdrivers
  • Trimmer shears
Soldering iron
  • Electric soldering irons
Stripping tools
  • Wire strippers
  • Cable tensionmeters
  • Industrial tweezers
Voltage or current meters
  • Digital voltage meters
  • Test lamps
Winding or reeling or spooling machines
  • Respooling machines
Wire cutters
  • Wire cutting tools
  • Wire snips
Wire or cable cutter
  • Hydraulic cable cutters
Wire wrapping tool
  • Wire wrap guns
Workshop cranes
  • Hydraulic cranes
Wrapping machinery
  • Banding machines


Analytical or scientific software
  • Electronic Systems of Wisconsin Motor Test System software
Data base user interface and query software
  • Data entry software Hot technology
Graphics or photo imaging software
  • Blueprint display software
Industrial control software
  • Machine Control Specialists CoilPro

We welcome feedback on the Tools & Technology database. We encourage you to suggest tools and technologies where our coverage may not reflect the full range of an occupation's duties. All suggestions will be considered for a future update of the T2 database.

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Hot technology Hot Technology — a technology requirement frequently included in employer job postings.