O*NET OnLine Help Advanced Searches

Advanced Searches enables you to explore O*NET-SOC occupations using your personal job experience or strengths as a worker:

  • Job Duties Custom List displays occupations that perform similar work to the job duties you perform in your current occupation.
  • Professional Associations Search offers seamless access to professional associations by searching the O*NET database of almost 3,000 organizations related to the occupations in the U.S. economy.

  • Related Activities Search allows you to select activities performed across different types of jobs, starting from your current occupation, to find occupations with similar activities.

  • Soft Skills Custom List displays occupations which need social or thinking skills similar to those you have, or plan to work on developing. You can also learn about skills you need to develop for your chosen career.

  • Technology Skills Search displays occupations based on software used on the job. Search for software you are familiar with, or plan to learn, to find occupations which put those skills to use.