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Related Occupations for Task
17-2199.05 - Mechatronics Engineers Green Occupation

Related occupations for task:

Upgrade the design of existing devices by adding mechatronic elements.

17-2199.08 Robotics Engineers   Green Occupation Green
  • Build, configure, or test robots or robotic applications.
  • Design robotic systems, such as automatic vehicle control, autonomous vehicles, advanced displays, advanced sensing, robotic platforms, computer vision, or telematics systems.
  • Integrate robotics with peripherals, such as welders, controllers, or other equipment.
17-2141.02 Automotive Engineers Green Occupation
  • Alter or modify designs to obtain specified functional or operational performance.
  • Design or analyze automobile systems in areas such as aerodynamics, alternate fuels, ergonomics, hybrid power, brakes, transmissions, steering, calibration, safety, or diagnostics.
17-2199.06 Microsystems Engineers Green Occupation
  • Identify, procure, or develop test equipment, instrumentation, or facilities for characterization of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) applications.
17-3024.00 Electro-Mechanical Technicians Green Occupation
  • Develop, test, or program new robots.
17-3013.00 Mechanical Drafters
  • Modify and revise designs to correct operating deficiencies or to reduce production problems.

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