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Tools & Technology for:
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Tools | Technology


Air samplers or collectors
  • Bioaerosol impactors
  • Dichotomous particulate matter samplers
  • Liquid impingers
  • Multistage agar impactors
Anaerobic chamber
  • Anaerobic growth chambers
Analytical balances
Automated cover slipping equipment
  • Automatic coverslipper
Automated microscope stages
  • Micromanipulators
Benchtop centrifuges
  • Desktop centrifuges
  • High-speed centrifuges
Binocular light compound microscopes
  • Bright field light microscopes
  • Compound binocular light microscopes
Blotting or transfer apparatus
  • Gel transfer apparatus
  • Semidry blotting apparatus
  • Microcalorimeters
Circulating baths
  • Fecal coliform water baths
Conductivity meters
  • Bubble counters
Cryogenic or liquid nitrogen freezers
  • Liquid nitrogen storage equipment
Culture tubes
Darkfield microscopes
  • Phase contrast microscopes
Decontamination shower
  • Chemical safety showers
Deoxyribonucleic sequence analyzers
  • Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA sequencers
Desktop computers
Developing tanks
  • Darkroom developing tanks
Digital cameras
  • Charge coupled device CCD color digital cameras
Dissolved oxygen meters
Dropping pipettes
  • Micropipettes
Dry baths or heating blocks
  • Dry bath incubators
  • Heat blocks
Dry heat or hot air sterilizers
  • Bacticinerators
Dry wall single chamber carbon dioxide incubators
  • Direct heat dry wall carbon dioxide CO2 incubators
Drying cabinets or ovens
  • Drying ovens
Electronic counters
  • Colony counters
Electronic encyclopedias
  • Hardy Diagnostics HUGO
Electronic multichannel pipetters
  • 8-channel electronic pipettes
Electronic toploading balances
Electroporation cuvettes
  • Electroporators
Eyewashers or eye wash stations
  • Eyewash fountains
Fire extinguishers
Fluorescent microscopes
Forced air or mechanical convection general purpose incubators
  • Bacteriological incubators
Freeze dryers or lyopholizers
  • Freeze dryers
French pressure cells
  • French presses
Gas burners
  • Laboratory gas burners
Gas chromatographs
  • Gas chromatographs GC
Gas generators
  • Gas-powered generators
Gel boxes
  • Gel electrophoresis boxes
  • Gel support frames
Gel documentation systems
General purpose refrigerators or refrigerator freezers
  • Laboratory refrigerators
General purpose trays
  • Multiwell trays
HEPA filtered enclosures
  • HEPA filtered biosafety cabinets
High pressure liquid chromatograph chromatography
  • High pressure liquid chromatographs HPLC
  • Tissue homogenizers
Hybridization ovens or incubators
  • Hybridization ovens
Impedance meters
Infra red or ultra violet absorption analyzers
  • Infrared gas analyzers
Infrared spectrometers
  • Fourier transform infrared FTIR spectrometers
  • Infrared IR spectrometers
  • Mid-infrared spectrometers
Inverted microscopes
Laboratory adapters or connectors or fittings
  • Erlenmeyer flask clamps
Laboratory balances
  • Micro balances
  • Precision pan balances
Laboratory beakers
Laboratory flasks
  • Erlenmeyer flasks
Laboratory funnels
Laboratory graduated cylinders
  • Graduated glass laboratory cylinders
Laboratory heat exchange condensers
  • Laboratory heat exchange condensing devices
Laboratory hotplates
  • Heating stirplates
Laboratory incubator thermometers
  • Recording thermometers
Laboratory membrane filters
  • Laboratory membrane filtering devices
  • Membrane filtration systems
Laboratory mixers
  • Rotator mixers
  • Serology rotators
Laboratory staining dishes or jars
  • Coplin jars
  • Staining dishes
Laboratory vacuum pumps
Laboratory washing machines
  • Laboratory glassware washers
Laminar flow cabinets or stations
  • Laminar flow cabinets
Laser printers
  • Argon lasers
  • Helium-neon lasers
Liquid chromatographs
  • Liquid chromatograph devices
Magnetic stirrers
  • Magnetic laboratory stirrers
Manual or electronic hematology differential cell counters
  • Automatic cell sorters
Mass spectrometers
Microbiology analyzers
  • Automated microbial identification systems
  • Flow cytometers
  • Fluorescence activated cell sorters
Microbiology fermentation equipment
  • Bioreactors
Microbiology inoculation loops or needles
  • Inoculating loops
Microbiology slide stainers
  • Automated gram stainers
Microplate readers
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA plate readers
  • Multiplate readers
Microscope objectives
  • Oil-immersion microscope lenses
Microscope slides
Multipurpose or general test tubes
  • Laboratory test tubes
Notebook computers
Orbital shaking water baths
Peristaltic pumps
Personal computers
Petri plates or dishes
  • Petri dishes
  • Sectioned petri plates
pH meters
Photo attachments for microscopes
  • Photomicroscopes
Pipette pumps
Pipetter inserts or accessories
  • Rechargeable electronic pipette fillers
Protective coats
  • Protective laboratory coats
Protective gloves
Refrigerated baths
  • Refrigerated recirculating water baths
Refrigerated benchtop centrifuges
Robotic or automated liquid handling systems
  • Automatic pipetters
Rotating shakers
  • Floor shakers
Safety glasses
Safety hoods
  • Biological safety hoods
Safety shoes
Scanning electron microscopes
  • Scanning electron microscopes SEM
Shaking incubators
  • Orbital shaking incubators
Specialty plates for bacteria
  • Prepared agar plates
Specimen collection container
  • Water sample collection containers
  • Raman spectrometers
  • Visible spectrometers
  • Visible/UV light scanning spectrophotometers
Spirit burners
  • Alcohol lamps
Steam autoclaves or sterilizers
  • Autoclaves
  • Electronic sterilizers
  • Steroclaves
Stereo or dissecting light microscopes
  • Dissecting microscopes
Temperature cycling chambers or thermal cyclers
  • Thermocyclers
Test tube racks
Tissue culture flasks
  • Culture bottles
Transmission electron microscopes
  • Transmission electron microscopes TEM
Ultra cold or ultralow upright cabinets or freezers
  • Ultra cold biological freezers
Ultra pure water systems
  • Deionized DI water systems
  • Water purification systems
Ultrasonic disintegrators
  • Sonicators
Ultraviolet UV lamps
Vortex mixers
X ray diffraction equipment
  • X ray diffractometers


Analytical or scientific software
  • Assistant Software for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Interpretation ASASI
  • Basic Local Alignment Search Tool BLAST
  • BD Biosciences CellQuest
  • BD Biosciences CloneCyt
  • Bruker Optics OPUS
  • BtB Software Mycobacteriology Lab
  • Codon Usage Database
  • Computing Solutions LabSoft LIMS Micro
  • DM2 Bills of Lading
  • FindTarget
  • FramePlot
  • Gene Finder
  • Gene recognition software
  • Genie Interactive
  • Image capture and analysis software
  • Laboratory information management system LIMS
  • NetLims AutoLims
  • Pathogen Modeling Program PMP
  • PIBWin
  • PredictProtein
  • Proscan
  • Protein databases
  • Protein Explorer
  • ProtScale
  • Statistical software
  • TreeView
  • Verity Software House ModFit LT
Data base user interface and query software
  • Database management software
Electronic mail software
  • Email software
Enterprise resource planning ERP software
  • SAP Hot technology
Information retrieval or search software
  • ComBase
Internet browser software
  • Web browser software
Medical software
  • Computer Service & Support CLS-2000 Laboratory System
  • Orchard Software Orchard Harvest LIS
Presentation software
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Hot technology
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel Hot technology
Word processing software
  • Microsoft Word

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