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Aircraft communication systems
  • Controller pilot datalink communication CPDC systems
  • High frequency HF radio communications systems
  • Ultra high frequency UHF radio communication systems
  • Very high frequency VHF radio communication systems
Aircraft flight simulators or trainers
  • Flight simulators
Aircraft guidance systems
  • Area navigation RNAV systems
  • Automatic direction finder ADF radio systems
  • Differential global positioning system DGPS surveillance systems
  • Distance measuring equipment DME
  • Global positioning system GPS surveillance systems
  • Local area augmentation systems LAAS
  • Long range navigation systems LRNS
  • Microwave landing systems MLS
  • Standard terminal automation replacement systems STARS
  • Transponder landing systems TLS
  • Wide area augmentation systems WAAS
Aircraft navigation beacons
  • Nondirectional radio beacon markers
Desktop computers
Mainframe computers
Personal computers
Radarbased surveillance systems
  • Air route surveillance radar ARSR systems
  • Airport surface detection equipment ASDE systems
  • Airport surveillance radar ASR systems
  • Digital airport surveillance radar DASR systems
  • Mode S radar systems
  • Precision runway monitor PRM
Two way radios
  • Frequency modulation FM two way radios


Expert system software
  • Advanced technologies and oceanic procedures ATOP
  • Automated radar terminal systems ARTS
  • Center TRACON automation systems CTAS
Flight control software
  • Direct-to-tool software
  • En route descent advisor EDA
  • Expedite departure path EDP software
  • Final approach spacing tool FAST
  • Flight simulation software
  • Multi-center traffic management advisor McTMA
  • Traffic management advisor TMA software
Office suite software
  • Microsoft Office

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