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7 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Epidemiologists.

  • Investigate diseases or parasites to determine cause and risk factors, progress, life cycle, or mode of transmission.
19-1021.00 Biochemists and Biophysicists
  • Study the mutations in organisms that lead to cancer or other diseases.
  • Develop or execute tests to detect diseases, genetic disorders, or other abnormalities.
19-1042.00 Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Evaluate effects of drugs, gases, pesticides, parasites, and microorganisms at various levels.
  • Investigate cause, progress, life cycle, or mode of transmission of diseases or parasites.
19-1029.03 Geneticists
  • Evaluate, diagnose, or treat genetic diseases.
19-1022.00 Microbiologists
  • Investigate the relationship between organisms and disease, including the control of epidemics and the effects of antibiotics on microorganisms.
19-1020.01 Biologists
  • Study reactions of plants, animals, and marine species to parasites.
19-1013.00 Soil and Plant Scientists Bright Outlook   Green Occupation Green
  • Conduct experiments regarding causes of bee diseases or factors affecting yields of nectar or pollen.
19-4011.01 Agricultural Technicians Green Occupation
  • Conduct insect or plant disease surveys.