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Browse by Job Zone

Job Zones group occupations into one of five categories based on levels of education, experience, and training necessary to perform the occupation. Using the Browse by Job Zone option, you can select from any of the 5 Job Zones to view occupations. In the example that follows, Job Zone Four is selected from the pull-down menu.


The subsequent screen provides a list of all occupations within the specified job zone. You can sort the occupations by O*NET-SOC code or by title by selecting the appropriate link.


Job Zone Four: Considerable Preparation Needed

Should you not identify your occupation of interest in the selected Job Zone, you can immediately re-select another Job Zone from the accompanying pull-down menu. You can also view O*NET-SOC occupations in any zone by choosing "All Job Zones" from the pull-down menu.

For any occupation listed, select its title to see more information about the corresponding occupation. For more information on these options, see OnLine Help for Summary, Details, or Custom Report.

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