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Related Occupations for Task
17-3022.00 - Civil Engineering Technicians

Related occupations for task:

Calculate dimensions, square footage, profile and component specifications, and material quantities using calculator or computer.

17-3011.02 Civil Drafters
  • Determine quality, cost, strength, and quantity of required materials, and enter figures on materials lists.
  • Calculate excavation tonnage and prepare graphs and fill-hauling diagrams for use in earth-moving operations.
  • Calculate weights, volumes, and stress factors and their implications for technical aspects of designs.
17-2071.00 Electrical Engineers   Green Occupation Green
  • Perform detailed calculations to compute and establish manufacturing, construction, or installation standards or specifications.
  • Prepare specifications for purchases of materials or equipment.
17-3021.00 Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians
  • Identify required data, data acquisition plans, and test parameters, setting up equipment to conform to these specifications.
17-3012.02 Electrical Drafters
  • Prepare and interpret specifications, calculating weights, volumes, and stress factors.
17-3011.01 Architectural Drafters Green Occupation
  • Analyze technical implications of architect's design concept, calculating weights, volumes, and stress factors.

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