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Tools & Technology for:
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Tools | Technology


Air velocity and temperature monitors
  • Velometers
Aircraft flight simulators or trainers
  • Flight simulation equipment
Cardiac output CO monitoring units or accessories
  • Heart rate monitors
Compression testers
  • Digital force gauges
Desktop computers
Digital camcorders or video cameras
  • Digital video cameras
  • Video goggles
Digital voice recorders
  • Digital audio recorders
Distance meters
  • Electronic distance measuring devices
  • Hand dynamometers
  • Isokinetic dynamometers
  • Push/pull dynamometers
Electrocardiography EKG units
  • Electrocardiography EKG monitors
Electroencephalograph EEG or accessories
  • Electroencephalography EEG equipment
Electromyography EMG units or accessories
  • Electromyograph processing systems
Electronic blood pressure units
  • Automated blood pressure measurement equipment
  • Laser Doppler flowmeters
Heat stress monitors
  • Heat stress meters
Laser printers
  • Computer laser printers
  • Light meters
Mercury blood pressure units
  • Manual blood pressure measurement equipment
Multimedia projectors
  • Video projectors
Notebook computers
  • Laptop computers
Oxygen gas analyzers
  • Oxygen analyzers
Personal computers
Physiological recorders
  • Algometers
  • Electromagnetic motion analysis systems
  • Hand sensor gloves
  • Inclinometers
  • Lumbar motion monitors
  • Motion capture systems
  • Torsiometers
  • Sling psychrometers
Skinfold calipers
  • Body fat measurement calipers
Sound measuring apparatus or decibel meter
  • Noise meters
  • Octave band analyzers
Tablet computers
Thickness measuring devices
  • Anthropometers
Touch pads
  • Haptic devices
Touch screen monitors
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Exercise treadmills


Analytical or scientific software
  • AEMC DataView
  • Bit Debris Solutions Usability Activity Log
  • Dartfish ProSuite
  • Data Translation quickDAQ
  • Mangold INTERACT
  • Mangold LogSquare
  • Mangold Soundalyzer
  • Noldus Information Technology FaceReader
  • Noldus Information Technology The Observer XT
  • Noldus Information Technology uLog Pro
  • Ovo Studios Ovo Logger
  • SAS Hot technology
  • Simulation software
  • SPSS Hot technology
  • Statistical software
  • The MathWorks MATLAB Hot technology
  • The MathWorks Simulink
  • Thought Technology BioGraph Infiniti
  • Triangle Research Collaborative Observational Coding System OCS Tools
Computer aided design CAD software
  • Dassault Systemes CATIA Hot technology
Development environment software
  • Microsoft Visual Basic Hot technology
  • National Instruments LabVIEW Hot technology
Graphical user interface development software
  • Altia Design
  • Seeing Machines faceLAB
Graphics or photo imaging software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Fireworks Hot technology
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Flash Hot technology
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Illustrator Hot technology
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Photoshop Hot technology
  • Microsoft Visio Hot technology
Internet browser software
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
Object or component oriented development software
  • C++ Hot technology
  • jQuery Hot technology
  • Oracle Java Hot technology
Office suite software
  • Microsoft Office
Presentation software
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Hot technology
Program testing software
  • TechSmith Morae
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel Hot technology
Video creation and editing software
  • TechSmith Camtasia
Web page creation and editing software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Dreamweaver Hot technology
Web platform development software
  • AJAX Hot technology
  • Cascading Style Sheets CSS Hot technology
  • Dynamic hypertext markup language DHTML Hot technology
  • Hypertext markup language HTML Hot technology
  • JavaScript Hot technology
Word processing software
  • Microsoft Word

We welcome feedback on the Tools & Technology database. We encourage you to suggest tools and technologies where our coverage may not reflect the full range of an occupation's duties. All suggestions will be considered for a future update of the T2 database.

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Hot technology Hot Technology — a technology requirement frequently included in employer job postings.