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16 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Biomass Power Plant Managers.

  • Plan and schedule plant activities, such as wood, waste, or refuse fuel deliveries, ash removal, and regular maintenance.
11-3071.02 Storage and Distribution Managers   Green Occupation Green
  • Track and trace goods while they are en route to their destinations, expediting orders when necessary.
  • Arrange for necessary shipping documentation and contact customs officials to effect release of shipments.
  • Arrange for storage facilities when required.
  • Schedule or monitor air or surface pickup, delivery, or distribution of products or materials.
11-3051.06 Hydroelectric Production Managers Green Occupation
  • Direct operations, maintenance, or repair of hydroelectric power facilities.
  • Supervise hydropower plant equipment installations, upgrades, or maintenance.
  • Create or enforce hydrostation voltage schedules.
11-9033.00 Education Administrators, Postsecondary   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Provide assistance to faculty and staff in duties such as teaching classes, conducting orientation programs, issuing transcripts, and scheduling events.
  • Determine course schedules, and coordinate teaching assignments and room assignments to ensure optimum use of buildings and equipment.
11-3051.05 Methane/Landfill Gas Collection System Operators Green Occupation
  • Oversee landfill gas collection system construction, maintenance, and repair activities.
  • Coordinate the repair, overhaul, or routine maintenance of diesel engines used in landfill operations.
11-9051.00 Food Service Managers Bright Outlook
  • Schedule and receive food and beverage deliveries, checking delivery contents to verify product quality and quantity.
  • Schedule use of facilities or catering services for events such as banquets or receptions, and negotiate details of arrangements with clients.
11-9121.01 Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Schedule subjects for appointments, procedures, or inpatient stays as required by study protocols.
  • Arrange for research study sites and determine staff or equipment availability.
11-3071.01 Transportation Managers Green Occupation
  • Implement schedule or policy changes for transportation services.
11-3051.02 Geothermal Production Managers Green Occupation
  • Oversee geothermal plant operations, maintenance, and repairs to ensure compliance with applicable standards or regulations.
11-9081.00 Lodging Managers
  • Purchase supplies, and arrange for outside services, such as deliveries, laundry, maintenance and repair, and trash collection.
11-3051.03 Biofuels Production Managers Green Occupation
  • Manage operations at biofuels power generation facilities, including production, shipping, maintenance, or quality assurance activities.
11-1011.03 Chief Sustainability Officers Green Occupation
  • Create and maintain sustainability program documents, such as schedules and budgets.
11-9199.09 Wind Energy Operations Managers Green Occupation
  • Oversee the maintenance of wind field equipment or structures, such as towers, transformers, electrical collector systems, roadways, or other site assets.
11-9039.02 Fitness and Wellness Coordinators Bright Outlook
  • Maintain wellness- and fitness-related schedules, records, or reports.
11-9061.00 Funeral Service Managers
  • Schedule funerals, burials, or cremations.
11-9039.01 Distance Learning Coordinators Bright Outlook
  • Prepare and distribute schedules of distance learning resources, such as course offerings, classrooms, laboratories, equipment, and web sites.
11-3061.00 Purchasing Managers
  • Arrange for disposal of surplus materials.