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9 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Wind Energy Engineers.

  • Monitor wind farm construction to ensure compliance with regulatory standards or environmental requirements.
17-3026.00 Industrial Engineering Technicians   Green Occupation Green
  • Read worker logs, product processing sheets, or specification sheets to verify that records adhere to quality assurance specifications.
  • Evaluate industrial operations for compliance with permits or regulations related to the generation, storage, treatment, transportation, or disposal of hazardous materials or waste.
  • Monitor environmental management systems for compliance with environmental policies, programs, or regulations.
17-2121.01 Marine Engineers   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Perform monitoring activities to ensure that ships comply with international regulations and standards for life-saving equipment and pollution preventatives.
  • Investigate and observe tests on machinery and equipment for compliance with standards.
17-3025.00 Environmental Engineering Technicians Bright Outlook Green Occupation
  • Maintain process parameters and evaluate process anomalies.
  • Prepare permit applications or review compliance with environmental permits.
17-3011.01 Architectural Drafters Green Occupation
  • Represent architect on construction site, ensuring builder compliance with design specifications and advising on design corrections, under architect's supervision.
17-2061.00 Computer Hardware Engineers
  • Monitor functioning of equipment and make necessary modifications to ensure system operates in conformance with specifications.
17-3029.12 Nanotechnology Engineering Technicians Green Occupation
  • Monitor equipment during operation to ensure adherence to specifications for characteristics such as pressure, temperature, or flow.
17-2161.00 Nuclear Engineers Green Occupation
  • Monitor nuclear facility operations to identify any design, construction, or operation practices that violate safety regulations and laws or that could jeopardize the safety of operations.
17-3031.02 Mapping Technicians
  • Monitor mapping work or the updating of maps to ensure accuracy, inclusion of new or changed information, or compliance with rules and regulations.
17-3029.06 Manufacturing Engineering Technologists Green Occupation
  • Monitor manufacturing operations to ensure adherence to environmental policies and practices.