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Career Clusters contain occupations in the same field of work that require similar skills. Students, parents, and educators can use Career Clusters to help focus education plans towards obtaining the necessary knowledge, competencies, and training for success in a particular career pathway.

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Business Finance 11-3031.01 Treasurers and Controllers   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
Banking Services 43-3071.00 Tellers
Business Finance 13-2082.00 Tax Preparers Bright Outlook
Securities & Investments 41-3031.00 Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents
Securities & Investments 41-3031.03 Securities and Commodities Traders   Green Occupation Green
Securities & Investments 41-3031.01 Sales Agents, Securities and Commodities
Securities & Investments 41-3031.02 Sales Agents, Financial Services
Securities & Investments 13-2099.02 Risk Management Specialists Bright Outlook Green Occupation
Securities & Investments 13-2052.00 Personal Financial Advisors Bright Outlook Green Occupation
Banking Services 13-2072.00 Loan Officers Bright Outlook
Banking Services 43-4131.00 Loan Interviewers and Clerks Bright Outlook
Securities & Investments 13-2099.03 Investment Underwriters Bright Outlook Green Occupation
Insurance 13-2053.00 Insurance Underwriters
Insurance 41-3021.00 Insurance Sales Agents Bright Outlook
Insurance 43-9041.02 Insurance Policy Processing Clerks Bright Outlook
Insurance 43-9041.01 Insurance Claims Clerks Bright Outlook
Insurance 43-9041.00 Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks Bright Outlook
Insurance 13-1032.00 Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage
Insurance 13-1031.02 Insurance Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators
Securities & Investments 13-2099.04 Fraud Examiners, Investigators and Analysts Bright Outlook
Securities & Investments 13-2099.00 Financial Specialists, All Other Bright Outlook
Securities & Investments 13-2099.01 Financial Quantitative Analysts Bright Outlook Green Occupation
Business Finance 11-3031.02 Financial Managers, Branch or Department Bright Outlook
Business Finance 11-3031.00 Financial Managers Bright Outlook
Banking Services 43-3099.00 Financial Clerks, All Other Bright Outlook
Business Finance 13-2051.00 Financial Analysts Bright Outlook Green Occupation
Banking Services 43-4041.02 Credit Checkers
Banking Services 43-4041.00 Credit Authorizers, Checkers, and Clerks
Banking Services 43-4041.01 Credit Authorizers
Banking Services 13-2041.00 Credit Analysts
Insurance 13-1031.01 Claims Examiners, Property and Casualty Insurance
Insurance 13-1031.00 Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators
Business Finance 13-2031.00 Budget Analysts
Securities & Investments 43-4011.00 Brokerage Clerks
Banking Services 43-3011.00 Bill and Account Collectors
Accounting 13-2011.02 Auditors Bright Outlook
Insurance 15-2011.00 Actuaries Bright Outlook
Accounting 13-2011.00 Accountants and Auditors Bright Outlook
Accounting 13-2011.01 Accountants Bright Outlook

Source: National Career Clusters® Framework external site implemented by Department of Defense ASVAB Career Exploration Program (updated 2016).