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6 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Tour Guides and Escorts.

  • Monitor visitors' activities to ensure compliance with establishment or tour regulations and safety practices.
39-1011.00 Gaming Supervisors   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Observe gamblers' behavior for signs of cheating, such as marking, switching, or counting cards, and notify security staff of suspected cheating.
  • Monitor patrons for signs of compulsive gambling, offering assistance if necessary.
39-1012.00 Slot Supervisors Bright Outlook
  • Patrol assigned areas to ensure that players are following rules and that machines are functioning correctly.
39-6011.00 Baggage Porters and Bellhops
  • Act as part of the security team at transportation terminals, hotels, or similar establishments.
39-3093.00 Locker Room, Coatroom, and Dressing Room Attendants Bright Outlook
  • Monitor patrons' facility use to ensure that rules and regulations are followed, and safety and order are maintained.
39-2021.00 Nonfarm Animal Caretakers Bright Outlook
  • Observe and caution children petting and feeding animals in designated areas to ensure the safety of humans and animals.
39-9041.00 Residential Advisors Bright Outlook
  • Observe students to detect and report unusual behavior.