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The green economy will cause a change in occupations' employment demand or work and worker requirements such as tasks, skills, knowledge, and credentials. Green occupations are linked to Green Economy Sectors. In the example that follows, "Energy Efficiency" is selected from the pull-down menu, to explore ocupations in that sector.


The subsequent screen provides a list of occupations that are being transformed by the Energy Efficiency sector of the green economy.


Energy Efficiency

Sort by:  Category Code Occupation
Green Increased Demand 47-2011.00 Boilermakers   Green Occupation Green
Green Enhanced Skills 17-2071.00 Electrical Engineers Green Occupation
Green Increased Demand 49-9051.00 Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook   Green Occupation
Green New & Emerging 13-1199.01 Energy Auditors Bright Outlook Green Occupation

The occupations listed are linked to categories, each describing the impact of green economy activities and technologies on occupational performance:

  • Green Increased Demand — The impact of green economy activities and technologies results in an increase in employment demand, but does not entail significant changes in the work and worker requirements of the occupation.
  • Green Enhanced Skills — The impact of green economy activities and technologies results in a significant change to the work and worker requirements of an existing O*NET-SOC occupation.
  • Green New & Emerging — The impact of green economy activities and technologies is sufficient to create the need for unique work and worker requirements, which results in the generation of new occupations.

Should you not identify your occupation of interest in the selected Green Economy Sector, you can immediately re-select another sector from the accompanying pull-down menu. You can also view all green O*NET-SOC occupations by choosing "All Green Economy Sectors" from the pull-down menu.

For any occupation listed, select its title to see more information about the corresponding occupation. For more information on these options, see OnLine Help for Summary, Details, or Custom Report.

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