Green Topic

5 occupations shown
RankJob ZoneCodeOccupation
1511-1011.03Chief Sustainability Officers
2417-2199.03Energy Engineers, Except Wind and Solar
3413-1199.05Sustainability Specialists Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
4519-2041.03Industrial Ecologists Bright Outlook
5519-3051.00Urban and Regional Planners
4 programs shown from the 2020 Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)
CodeEducation Title
A program that focuses on the theories, principles, and practice of organizing and providing services to communities. May prepare individuals to apply such knowledge and skills in community service positions.
A program that prepares individuals to produce, store, and deliver plant species in controlled indoor environments for wholesale, commercial, research, or other purposes. Includes instruction in applicable principles of plant science; climate, irrigation, and nutrition control equipment operation and maintenance; facilities management; inventory control; safety procedures; and personnel supervision.
A program that prepares individuals to serve as facilitators, advocates, and referral professionals linking health care and related social services with affected recipient communities. Includes instruction in public and community health, human and social services, health services administration, group counseling, health education, group advocacy, cross-cultural and multilingual communication, and applicable laws and policies.
A program that focuses on blending entrepreneurial ideas and management skills for issue advocacy and social change. Includes instruction in philanthropy, business modeling, design, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, resource management, project management, prototype development, and marketing.