Job Duties Custom List 25-2057.00 — Special Education Teachers, Middle School

  • Confer with parents, administrators, testing specialists, social workers, and professionals to develop individual educational plans (IEPs) for students' educational, physical, and social development.
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18 occupations shown
Closely Related TasksAll Related TasksJob ZoneCodeOccupation
611425-2056.00Special Education Teachers, Elementary School
611425-2058.00Special Education Teachers, Secondary School
610525-2051.00Special Education Teachers, Preschool
69425-2055.00Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten
39425-2012.00Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education
39425-2021.00Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education
39425-3011.00Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, and English as a Second Language Instructors
38425-2023.00Career/Technical Education Teachers, Middle School
38425-2031.00Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education
38425-2032.00Career/Technical Education Teachers, Secondary School
37325-2011.00Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education
28425-2022.00Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education
27325-3021.00Self-Enrichment Teachers
23325-9043.00Teaching Assistants, Special Education
12525-2059.01Adapted Physical Education Specialists
12325-9042.00Teaching Assistants, Preschool, Elementary, Middle, and Secondary School, Except Special Education
11525-4022.00Librarians and Media Collections Specialists