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23 titles matching "sustainable agriculture" in 2010 Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)

01.0308 Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture
30.3301 Sustainability Studies
01.0000 Agriculture, General
01.0701 International Agriculture
01.0101 Agricultural Business and Management, General
01.0102 Agribusiness/Agricultural Business Operations
01.0103 Agricultural Economics
01.0105 Agricultural/Farm Supplies Retailing and Wholesaling
01.0106 Agricultural Business Technology
01.0199 Agricultural Business and Management, Other
01.0201 Agricultural Mechanization, General
01.0204 Agricultural Power Machinery Operation
01.0205 Agricultural Mechanics and Equipment/Machine Technology
01.0299 Agricultural Mechanization, Other
01.0301 Agricultural Production Operations, General
01.0399 Agricultural Production Operations, Other
01.0401 Agricultural and Food Products Processing
01.0801 Agricultural and Extension Education Services
01.0802 Agricultural Communication/Journalism
01.0902 Agricultural Animal Breeding
01.1104 Agricultural and Horticultural Plant Breeding
13.1301 Agricultural Teacher Education
14.0301 Agricultural Engineering