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19 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Compensation and Benefits Managers.

  • Study legislation, arbitration decisions, and collective bargaining contracts to assess industry trends.
11-9161.00 Emergency Management Directors
  • Keep informed of activities or changes that could affect the likelihood of an emergency, as well as those that could affect response efforts and details of plan implementation.
  • Attend meetings, conferences, and workshops related to emergency management to learn new information and to develop working relationships with other emergency management specialists.
  • Keep informed of federal, state, and local regulations affecting emergency plans and ensure that plans adhere to these regulations.
11-1031.00 Legislators
  • Develop expertise in subject matters related to committee assignments.
  • Keep abreast of the issues affecting constituents by making personal visits and phone calls, reading local newspapers, and viewing or listening to local broadcasts.
  • Maintain knowledge of relevant national and international current events.
11-2011.01 Green Marketers   Green Occupation Green
  • Attend or participate in conferences, community events, and promotional events related to green products or technologies.
  • Monitor green-related industry statistics or literature to identify trends.
11-3051.00 Industrial Production Managers Green Occupation
  • Maintain current knowledge of the quality control field, relying on current literature pertaining to materials use, technological advances, or statistical studies.
11-3021.00 Computer and Information Systems Managers   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Stay abreast of advances in technology.
11-9071.00 Gaming Managers
  • Maintain familiarity with all games used at a facility, as well as strategies or tricks employed in those games.
11-9199.03 Investment Fund Managers
  • Attend investment briefings or consult financial media to stay abreast of relevant investment markets.
11-9111.00 Medical and Health Services Managers Bright Outlook
  • Maintain awareness of advances in medicine, computerized diagnostic and treatment equipment, data processing technology, government regulations, health insurance changes, and financing options.
11-3031.01 Treasurers and Controllers Bright Outlook
  • Maintain current knowledge of organizational policies and procedures, federal and state policies and directives, and current accounting standards.
11-9039.01 Distance Learning Coordinators Bright Outlook
  • Monitor technological developments in distance learning for technological means to educational or outreach goals.
11-3051.01 Quality Control Systems Managers
  • Review statistical studies, technological advances, or regulatory standards and trends to stay abreast of issues in the field of quality control.
11-2011.00 Advertising and Promotions Managers
  • Read trade journals and professional literature to stay informed on trends, innovations, and changes that affect media planning.
11-3121.00 Human Resources Managers
  • Study legislation, arbitration decisions, and collective bargaining contracts to assess industry trends.
11-9199.01 Regulatory Affairs Managers Green Occupation
  • Maintain current knowledge of relevant regulations, including proposed and final rules.
11-9199.07 Security Managers
  • Attend meetings, professional seminars, or conferences to keep abreast of changes in executive legislative directives or new technologies impacting security operations.
11-9199.02 Compliance Managers Green Occupation
  • Keep informed regarding pending industry changes, trends, or best practices.
11-9121.01 Clinical Research Coordinators Bright Outlook
  • Review scientific literature, participate in continuing education activities, or attend conferences and seminars to maintain current knowledge of clinical studies affairs and issues.
11-9032.00 Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School
  • Meet with federal, state, and local agencies to keep updated on policies and to discuss improvements for education programs.
11-3071.03 Logistics Managers Green Occupation
  • Review global, national, or regional transportation or logistics reports for ways to improve efficiency or minimize the environmental impact of logistics activities.