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20 occupations have tasks related to the 1 task from your current occupation, Cytogenetic Technologists.

  • Communicate test results or technical information to patients, physicians, family members, or researchers.
29-9092.00 Genetic Counselors   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  • Discuss testing options and the associated risks, benefits and limitations with patients and families to assist them in making informed decisions.
  • Provide counseling to patient and family members by providing information, education, or reassurance.
  • Provide patients with information about the inheritance of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and various forms of cancer.
29-9099.01 Midwives Bright Outlook
  • Provide information about the physical and emotional processes involved in the pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum periods.
  • Provide patients with contraceptive and family planning information.
  • Inform patients of how to prepare and supply birth sites.
29-1141.01 Acute Care Nurses Bright Outlook
  • Collaborate with patients to plan for future health care needs or to coordinate transitions and referrals.
  • Discuss illnesses and treatments with patients and family members.
29-2011.02 Cytotechnologists Bright Outlook
  • Submit slides with abnormal cell structures to pathologists for further examination.
  • Provide patient clinical data or microscopic findings to assist pathologists in the preparation of pathology reports.
29-1126.00 Respiratory Therapists Bright Outlook
  • Relay blood analysis results to a physician.
29-1224.00 Radiologists
  • Communicate examination results or diagnostic information to referring physicians, patients, or families.
29-2032.00 Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Bright Outlook
  • Provide sonogram and oral or written summary of technical findings to physician for use in medical diagnosis.
29-1217.00 Neurologists
  • Inform patients or families of neurological diagnoses and prognoses, or benefits, risks and costs of various treatment plans.
29-1123.00 Physical Therapists Bright Outlook
  • Inform patients and refer to appropriate practitioners when diagnosis reveals findings outside physical therapy.
29-1129.02 Music Therapists Bright Outlook
  • Communicate client assessment findings and recommendations in oral, written, audio, video, or other forms.
29-1023.00 Orthodontists
  • Provide patients with proposed treatment plans and cost estimates.
29-2099.01 Neurodiagnostic Technologists
  • Submit reports to physicians summarizing test results.
29-1051.00 Pharmacists
  • Provide information and advice regarding drug interactions, side effects, dosage, and proper medication storage.
29-1222.00 Physicians, Pathologists
  • Communicate pathologic findings to surgeons or other physicians.
29-1129.01 Art Therapists Bright Outlook
  • Communicate client assessment findings and recommendations in oral, written, audio, video, or other forms.
29-1171.00 Nurse Practitioners Bright Outlook
  • Provide patients with information needed to promote health, reduce risk factors, or prevent disease or disability.
29-1141.04 Clinical Nurse Specialists Bright Outlook
  • Present clients with information required to make informed health care and treatment decisions.
29-2011.00 Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists Bright Outlook
  • Provide technical information about test results to physicians, family members, or researchers.
29-2099.05 Ophthalmic Medical Technologists
  • Educate patients on ophthalmic medical procedures, conditions of the eye, and appropriate use of medications.
29-2056.00 Veterinary Technologists and Technicians Bright Outlook
  • Discuss medical health of pets with clients, such as post-operative status.