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Occupations are listed that require education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

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Technologists and Technicians — Architecture and Engineering

17-3021.00Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technologists and Technicians Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
17-3011.00Architectural and Civil Drafters
17-3027.01Automotive Engineering Technicians
17-3028.00Calibration Technologists and Technicians
17-1021.00Cartographers and Photogrammetrists Bright Outlook
17-3022.00Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians
17-3019.00Drafters, All Other
17-3023.00Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologists and Technicians
17-3012.00Electrical and Electronics Drafters
17-3024.00Electro-Mechanical and Mechatronics Technologists and Technicians
17-3029.00Engineering Technologists and Technicians, Except Drafters, All Other
17-3025.00Environmental Engineering Technologists and Technicians
17-1022.01Geodetic Surveyors Bright Outlook
17-3026.00Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians
17-3013.00Mechanical Drafters
17-3027.00Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians
17-3026.01Nanotechnology Engineering Technologists and Technicians
17-3029.01Non-Destructive Testing Specialists
17-3029.08Photonics Technicians
17-3024.01Robotics Technicians
17-3031.00Surveying and Mapping Technicians
17-1022.00Surveyors Bright Outlook

Technologists and Technicians — Computer and Mathematical

15-2099.01Bioinformatics Technicians Bright Outlook
15-1299.07Blockchain Engineers Bright Outlook
15-1231.00Computer Network Support Specialists Bright Outlook
15-1299.00Computer Occupations, All Other Bright Outlook
15-1299.08Computer Systems Engineers/Architects Bright Outlook
15-1232.00Computer User Support Specialists Bright Outlook
15-1299.06Digital Forensics Analysts Bright Outlook
15-1299.03Document Management Specialists Bright Outlook
15-1299.02Geographic Information Systems Technologists and Technicians Bright Outlook
15-1299.05Information Security Engineers Bright Outlook
15-1299.09Information Technology Project Managers Bright Outlook
15-2099.00Mathematical Science Occupations, All Other Bright Outlook
15-1299.04Penetration Testers Bright Outlook
15-1299.01Web Administrators Bright Outlook

Technologists and Technicians — Healthcare Practitioners and Technical

29-2031.00Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians
29-2011.01Cytogenetic Technologists Bright Outlook
29-2011.02Cytotechnologists Bright Outlook
29-2032.00Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Bright Outlook
29-2051.00Dietetic Technicians
29-2042.00Emergency Medical Technicians Bright Outlook
29-9021.00Health Information Technologists and Medical Registrars Bright Outlook
29-2099.00Health Technologists and Technicians, All Other Bright Outlook
29-9099.00Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Workers, All Other Bright Outlook
29-2092.00Hearing Aid Specialists Bright Outlook
29-2012.01Histology Technicians Bright Outlook
29-2011.04Histotechnologists Bright Outlook
29-2061.00Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses Bright Outlook
29-2035.00Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists Bright Outlook
29-2012.00Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians Bright Outlook
29-2011.00Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists Bright Outlook
29-2036.00Medical Dosimetrists
29-2072.00Medical Records Specialists Bright Outlook
29-9099.01Midwives Bright Outlook
29-2099.01Neurodiagnostic Technologists Bright Outlook
29-2033.00Nuclear Medicine Technologists
29-2057.00Ophthalmic Medical Technicians Bright Outlook
29-2099.05Ophthalmic Medical Technologists Bright Outlook
29-2081.00Opticians, Dispensing
29-2091.00Orthotists and Prosthetists Bright Outlook
29-2043.00Paramedics Bright Outlook
29-2099.08Patient Representatives Bright Outlook
29-2052.00Pharmacy Technicians Bright Outlook
29-2053.00Psychiatric Technicians Bright Outlook
29-2034.00Radiologic Technologists and Technicians Bright Outlook
29-2055.00Surgical Technologists Bright Outlook
29-2056.00Veterinary Technologists and Technicians Bright Outlook

Technologists and Technicians — Life, Physical, and Social Science

19-4012.00Agricultural Technicians Bright Outlook
19-4021.00Biological Technicians Bright Outlook
19-4031.00Chemical Technicians
19-4042.00Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Including Health Bright Outlook
19-4013.00Food Science Technicians Bright Outlook
19-4092.00Forensic Science Technicians Bright Outlook
19-4071.00Forest and Conservation Technicians
19-4043.00Geological Technicians, Except Hydrologic Technicians
19-4044.00Hydrologic Technicians
19-4099.00Life, Physical, and Social Science Technicians, All Other
19-4051.02Nuclear Monitoring Technicians
19-4051.00Nuclear Technicians
19-4012.01Precision Agriculture Technicians Bright Outlook
19-4099.01Quality Control Analysts
19-4099.03Remote Sensing Technicians
19-4061.00Social Science Research Assistants Bright Outlook

Source: Standard Occupational Classification external site Attachment C: Detailed 2018 SOC occupations included in STEM.