Job Duties Custom List 11-3051.00 — Industrial Production Managers

  • Hire, train, evaluate, or discharge staff or resolve personnel grievances.
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55 occupations shown
Closely Related TasksAll Related TasksJob ZoneCodeOccupation
55411-3131.00Training and Development Managers Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
44411-9111.00Medical and Health Services Managers Bright Outlook
34511-9033.00Education Administrators, Postsecondary
33411-9081.00Lodging Managers Bright Outlook
33411-3121.00Human Resources Managers Bright Outlook
33239-1013.00First-Line Supervisors of Gambling Services Workers
23511-9121.00Natural Sciences Managers Bright Outlook
23339-1022.00First-Line Supervisors of Personal Service Workers Bright Outlook
23239-1014.00First-Line Supervisors of Entertainment and Recreation Workers, Except Gambling Services Bright Outlook
23353-1044.00First-Line Supervisors of Passenger Attendants Bright Outlook
23333-1011.00First-Line Supervisors of Correctional Officers
23411-9179.01Fitness and Wellness Coordinators
23333-1021.00First-Line Supervisors of Firefighting and Prevention Workers
22211-9131.00Postmasters and Mail Superintendents
22411-3021.00Computer and Information Systems Managers Bright Outlook
22311-3012.00Administrative Services Managers Bright Outlook
22211-9071.00Gambling Managers
22411-3031.01Treasurers and Controllers Bright Outlook
22411-9199.08Loss Prevention Managers
22411-3013.01Security Managers Bright Outlook
22411-2011.00Advertising and Promotions Managers
22511-9032.00Education Administrators, Kindergarten through Secondary
13333-1012.00First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives
13311-9179.02Spa Managers
12311-9199.09Wind Energy Operations Managers
12411-9072.00Entertainment and Recreation Managers, Except Gambling Bright Outlook
12233-1091.00First-Line Supervisors of Security Workers
12311-9171.00Funeral Home Managers
12233-3041.00Parking Enforcement Workers
12439-9032.00Recreation Workers Bright Outlook
12211-9051.00Food Service Managers
12333-2021.00Fire Inspectors and Investigators
11311-3013.00Facilities Managers Bright Outlook
11411-3051.03Biofuels Production Managers
11411-2033.00Fundraising Managers Bright Outlook
11411-9151.00Social and Community Service Managers Bright Outlook
11411-9031.00Education and Childcare Administrators, Preschool and Daycare
11411-1021.00General and Operations Managers Bright Outlook
11411-2022.00Sales Managers
11411-3061.00Purchasing Managers
11351-1011.00First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers
11511-3031.03Investment Fund Managers Bright Outlook
11411-2032.00Public Relations Managers Bright Outlook
11411-3111.00Compensation and Benefits Managers
11429-1128.00Exercise Physiologists Bright Outlook
11411-9141.00Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers Bright Outlook
11411-3051.01Quality Control Systems Managers
11411-9199.01Regulatory Affairs Managers
11525-1066.00Psychology Teachers, Postsecondary Bright Outlook
11411-9199.02Compliance Managers
11411-9013.00Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers
11339-9041.00Residential Advisors Bright Outlook
11411-3071.00Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers Bright Outlook
11411-9121.01Clinical Research Coordinators Bright Outlook