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Software tool for coordinating a telephone system, address book, fax, and email to enable a user to keep in touch with more people more efficiently while working on a computer. These are handy tools for the home and small business.
Examples include:
  • Eko
  • Skype
  • ParentSquare
  • Edmodo

Examples of occupations where workers may use desktop communications software:

83 occupations shown
Job ZoneCodeOccupation
413-2011.00Accountants and Auditors Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
425-3011.00Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, and English as a Second Language Instructors
525-1121.00Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary Bright Outlook
343-3031.00Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks Bright Outlook
343-4011.00Brokerage Clerks
415-2051.01Business Intelligence Analysts Bright Outlook
325-1194.00Career/Technical Education Teachers, Postsecondary
425-2032.00Career/Technical Education Teachers, Secondary School
239-9011.00Childcare Workers Bright Outlook
427-2022.00Coaches and Scouts Bright Outlook
427-1021.00Commercial and Industrial Designers
417-2061.00Computer Hardware Engineers
415-1241.00Computer Network Architects
415-1231.00Computer Network Support Specialists
251-9161.00Computer Numerically Controlled Tool Operators
315-1211.00Computer Systems Analysts Bright Outlook
415-1299.08Computer Systems Engineers/Architects Bright Outlook
315-1232.00Computer User Support Specialists
243-4051.00Customer Service Representatives Bright Outlook
415-1242.00Database Administrators Bright Outlook
415-1243.00Database Architects Bright Outlook
241-9011.00Demonstrators and Product Promoters
529-1031.00Dietitians and Nutritionists
415-1299.03Document Management Specialists Bright Outlook
511-9032.00Education Administrators, Kindergarten through Secondary
511-9033.00Education Administrators, Postsecondary
411-9031.00Education and Childcare Administrators, Preschool and Daycare Bright Outlook
521-1012.00Educational, Guidance, and Career Counselors and Advisors Bright Outlook
425-2021.00Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education Bright Outlook
411-9072.00Entertainment and Recreation Managers, Except Gambling Bright Outlook
417-2081.00Environmental Engineers
343-6011.00Executive Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants
327-1013.00Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators
525-1124.00Foreign Language and Literature Teachers, Postsecondary Bright Outlook
411-1021.00General and Operations Managers Bright Outlook
329-9021.00Health Information Technologists and Medical Registrars Bright Outlook
253-3032.00Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers Bright Outlook
413-1071.00Human Resources Specialists Bright Outlook
317-3026.00Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians
411-3051.00Industrial Production Managers
415-1212.00Information Security Analysts Bright Outlook
415-1299.09Information Technology Project Managers Bright Outlook
251-9061.00Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers
525-9031.00Instructional Coordinators
337-2011.00Janitors and Cleaners, Except Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners Bright Outlook
425-2012.00Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education
253-3033.00Light Truck Drivers Bright Outlook
137-2012.00Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners Bright Outlook
349-9071.00Maintenance and Repair Workers, General Bright Outlook
413-1111.00Management Analysts Bright Outlook
417-2112.03Manufacturing Engineers Bright Outlook
411-2021.00Marketing Managers Bright Outlook
329-2072.00Medical Records Specialists
331-9094.00Medical Transcriptionists
413-1121.00Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners Bright Outlook
425-2022.00Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education
415-1244.00Network and Computer Systems Administrators
243-9071.00Office Machine Operators, Except Computer
515-2031.00Operations Research Analysts Bright Outlook
525-1054.00Physics Teachers, Postsecondary Bright Outlook
427-3043.05Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers
325-2011.00Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education Bright Outlook
427-2012.00Producers and Directors Bright Outlook
413-1082.00Project Management Specialists
427-3031.00Public Relations Specialists Bright Outlook
319-4099.01Quality Control Analysts
411-3051.01Quality Control Systems Managers
411-2022.00Sales Managers
441-4012.00Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific Products Bright Outlook
243-6014.00Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, Except Legal, Medical, and Executive Bright Outlook
441-3031.00Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents Bright Outlook
415-1252.00Software Developers Bright Outlook
415-1253.00Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers Bright Outlook
529-1127.00Speech-Language Pathologists Bright Outlook
253-7065.00Stockers and Order Fillers Bright Outlook
425-3031.00Substitute Teachers, Short-Term Bright Outlook
325-9042.00Teaching Assistants, Preschool, Elementary, Middle, and Secondary School, Except Special Education
325-9043.00Teaching Assistants, Special Education
427-3042.00Technical Writers
519-3051.00Urban and Regional Planners
415-1255.00Web and Digital Interface Designers Bright Outlook
315-1254.00Web Developers Bright Outlook
427-3043.00Writers and Authors