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Skills — Systems Analysis   Save Table (XLS/CSV)

Determining how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes.
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 Not relevant 51-6021.00 Pressers, Textile, Garment, and Related Materials
 Not relevant 51-4052.00 Pourers and Casters, Metal
 Not relevant 51-3022.00 Meat, Poultry, and Fish Cutters and Trimmers
 Not relevant 39-3093.00 Locker Room, Coatroom, and Dressing Room Attendants
 Not relevant 51-4071.00 Foundry Mold and Coremakers
  Not relevant 51-4072.00 Molding, Coremaking, and Casting Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic
  Not relevant 53-7033.00 Loading Machine Operators, Underground Mining
  Not relevant 45-4021.00 Fallers
  Not relevant 53-6011.00 Bridge and Lock Tenders
  Not relevant 51-4122.00 Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders
  Not relevant 41-9041.00 Telemarketers
  Not relevant 33-9032.00 Security Guards   Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
  Not relevant 43-5081.04 Order Fillers, Wholesale and Retail Sales Bright Outlook
  Not relevant 45-2092.02 Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop Bright Outlook
  Not relevant 53-7021.00 Crane and Tower Operators
  Not relevant 35-2015.00 Cooks, Short Order
10     51-2041.00 Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters   Green Occupation Green
10     39-5011.00 Barbers
10   11   51-7042.00 Woodworking Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Except Sawing
10   11   51-4061.00 Model Makers, Metal and Plastic
10   Not relevant 53-7111.00 Mine Shuttle Car Operators
13     53-7073.00 Wellhead Pumpers
13     47-2061.00 Construction Laborers Bright Outlook Green Occupation
13     53-3022.00 Bus Drivers, School or Special Client Bright Outlook
13   11   39-5093.00 Shampooers
13   13   43-9081.00 Proofreaders and Copy Markers
13   13   43-5081.02 Marking Clerks Bright Outlook
13   14   53-4041.00 Subway and Streetcar Operators
13   14   45-3011.00 Fishers and Related Fishing Workers
13   16   51-9051.00 Furnace, Kiln, Oven, Drier, and Kettle Operators and Tenders

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